CCMP Rule adjustment for the Late Models!!!

:huepfen024:We have had two races racing this year. After watching (Ted Head “Tech Director” and myself) how the races went from the Qualifying times to the finish results of those races. Feel it is time to do a fine adjustments the rules. The ASA Series adjusted (changed from the 2007) their 2008 rule package and we followed their lead, but after two Events we feel that the ASA package needs to be adjusted for the Late Modes (not the Supers Late Models those rules will remain the some). The new rule adjustments are:
2775 lbs (added 175 lbs)
60 % left side (reduce 1%)
4" ground clearance (added 1")
Knowing that any time you have change you can upset some Teams that may take it personal (and we need the top ASA Teams to race to see if it?s not to much). So we will pay a $500.00 bonus if an ASA Team WINS or a $100.00 bonus to the highest finishing ASA Team. They MUST be legal for the 2008 ASA Series (along with our rule adjustments) to get the bonus.
We hate to ever make rule changes, BUT this is a fine adjustment.
Thanks for your continued support.
Call if you need a further explanation.
Bobby Diehl


Am I reading this correctly?

2775 Total
60% Left Side
4" Frame Height