BMS Set to Launch ASA Member Track-Joe Gibbs National Championship Program!

ASA Member Tracks including Florida?s Bronson Motor Speedway, East Bay Raceway Park and Desoto Speedway, as well as tracks all over the United States, are excited to be a part of the new ASA Short Track National Championship ? Presented by Joe Gibbs Driven Oil!

 The plan allows competitors from any ASA Member Track to compete against one another, using a handicap points system.  The winner will receive a once in a lifetime prize ? The Joe Gibbs Driven Oil Champion?s Award and a chance to get behind the wheel of a Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota!

The Premier Division at ASA Member Tracks will compete, and several variables will be used in the calculations to crown the champion. At Bronson Motor Speedway our Sportsman Division (Our Premier Division) will be competing in this Championship Program. There is still time for Sportsman Drivers to enter, as the competition will run from March 29 until September 28

 For complete rules and additional information call ASA Racing at 386-258-2221 or email them at [email][/email] or click on this link:

Thanks Racers and Race Fans!