Congrats to Mike Bresnahan

In his first full race on dirt he came away the winner over a 27 car late model field at Ocala tonight. Started 8th and passed Shane Williams for the lead with 3 laps to go. Then survived a last lap caution to take the win in the 1 lap dash. Way to go Showstopper :ernaehrung004:

Yes, I was TOTALLY impressed Mike did that on his first time out on Dirt, He is obviously a force to be wreckened with on dirt, just like asphalt! Running down and passing Shan Smith and Shane Williams is no joke! That Jason Kimball guy was mighty fast too. Kudos to another great night at Ocala.

Another thing that impresses me is how hard Angie works, I see her all over the place. I was about to tell her what a great job she and Mike were doing, but she didn’t stand still long enough!

VERY impressive Mike. I thought it would take some time to become good on dirt, but I guess not. Smith and Willaims are no slouches. If I had heard that he had held them off for the win would have been impressive enough… to catch and PASS both of them hasn’t been done by many others in the last year or so.

Hell of a job Mike!

Here’s one happy dude!

Wtg Mike !!!

You are awesome!!! C~O~N~G~R~A~T~U~L~A~T~I~O~N~S to one fantastic racer!!!

carolwicks aka OZ :huepfen024:

Hey, I just thought about something. It appears as though he has a 12 inch spoiler on that car. Does that mean he has a crate engine in there? (if so, that’s even more impressive)

Dind Ding Ding

You are correct sir…give Junkie his prize :ernaehrung004:
Mikes’ first win in his first real dirt race and with a crate motor !!!
Opens up a whole new aspect about his set up and that it can be done :natur008:
More to come.