:mad:My complaint is the engine in my pick up. I need help in resolving this problem.
The engine developed a miss in it. The #4 cylinder is dead. :fragend005:
So far, this is what we have done;
New spark plugs, rotor and wires (Accell).
Checked compression (120).
Checked for intake leakage.
Adjusted rockers and checked for broken valve springs and bent push rods.
Possible blown head gasket? No water in the oil or oil in the radiator.
What the heck is keeping the #4 cylinder from fireing?
The engine is a 1988 350 4 bolt main Chevrolet.
Post responce here or e-mail me;
Thank you!!:confused:

Is it carburated or injected? Have you replaced the distributor cap? I’ve had them crack in the past.

My bad

Yes sir we did replace the cap and it is carberated.
Thank you Bob for your e-mail.
I thought the module would effect the over all engine operation. The module would cause only one cylinder to miss fire?

Unless all the cylinders are @ 120 lbs your going to have a miss. A wore out 350 should have 150lbs plus. With the scrader valve in your compression guage you may notice multiple strokes to pump up. Take it out and see what each stroke from the 1st time you bring up compression stroke to 5th time. A burnt valve you will get none to min compression. If that cylinder is firing it’s just weak…Rings. If the plug is not firing and it’s a (cold) cylinder, and you’ve replaced cap, rotor, wires, and plugs…it could be in the magentic pickup in the bottom of the dist. But with 120 lbs compression i’d say rings…cracked, broke or just worn. And with the head gasket, that could be a possibility, check the cylinder next to the weak one, (both sides if one of the middle two cylinders) and also look for air bubbles in radiator. Blown head gasket generally effects two cylinders.

Gotta do it…

Thank you guys for all the info.
After replacing the cap, rotor, and wires, checking cylinder compression, valve springs, intake gasket leakage, replacing the module with a new one and spending a grand total off one hundred and forty five dollors the only option I have is to remove the intake.

A friend of mine said they had thier intake develop a vacuum leak underneath one of the ports that lead to one of the cylinders and it caused a miss. It’s a rare thing to happen but what the hey, if it weren’t for bad luck I would’nt have any.

Oh well. Thanks again for all the input from everyone. I’ll be under the hood if anyone needs me.