Kyle Petty done lost his mind

Kyle has already made it very difficult for Petty Enterprises to re-sign Bobby Labonte with his comments last fall about taking Bobby’s points.

how does this help PE pull new sponsors? how does it help attract new, good drivers to a Petty contract?

if Richard doesn’t have Loomis’s back it won’t be long before Robbie gets thrown under the bus.


Thanks I would have missed that article ,never look at but I watch their Nascar show .can’t miss Nicole Manske.

He was mad last week about Chad in the car and they missed the race, this week Kyle in the car and the same results. Missed the race.

Nicole has been replaced by Bob Varsha! We had a chance to talk to Kyle, one of our customers, and he said that the whole PE operation would be updated this year. I guess this is what he meant.

this week Kyle in the car and the same results.

what’s really sorry is that Kyle is comparing himself to a first qualifying attempt rookie in the first place. Kyle should be comparing himself to the other veteran on the team. only he can’t do that or it will be obvious how much he sucks.

but let’s go ahead and do it Kyle’s way. let’s compare him to the rook. what kind of an upside are you going to have on a 47 year old with 25 years of experience in NASCAR that you haven’t already seen? what kind of an upside might you have on a 23 year old who has dominated several of the lower series that he has competed in? how much are you going to be paying the rook compared to the veteran?

it’s been 2003 since STP was associated with any Petty car, how important can it be to a sponsor to keep Kyle in a car at the back of the field?

Could be…

also that Genral Mills is supposed to go RCR next year…:smilie_abcfra:


That’s General Mills and Richard Childress Racing…

Petty team

They badly need a big time business partner like Jack and Ray got for their teams.

Nobody is going to invest in a team that can’t make the show.