"Bone Stock" Enduro this Friday Night at SpeedWorld, April 18

Orlando, FL (April 13, 2008) Orlando SpeedWorld will hold it’s first of two enduros on April 18th. This will be an Orlando Enduro for Bone Stock enduro cars which includes everyone except professional built enduro cars. The enduro tech will send any car home that is not “bone stock”. There will be no penalty laps given if you are not “bone stock.”

“We want to make this enduro fun for everyone, not for the special built enduro cars. That is why it will be bone stock, nothing special. Don’t bother bringing special built cars because they will only go home,” said General Manager Rusty Marcus.

Entry fee will be $100.00 and the winner will receive $100.00 per car that enters the enduro. So if there are 50 cars, you would make $5,000.00. But the purse will be based on the number of cars entered. Laps for the race will be based on two laps per car entered.

For more information on the Orlando SpeedWorld enduro or to get a entry form, please e-mail FASCAROSW@aol.com or you can call 407-557-6509 or 407-568-1367. You may also e-mail RacingJLS@aol.com for entry form. Entry forms will be available Friday at the track also.

Remember April 18th, the first Orlando SpeedWorld Enduro race.

That is why it will be bone stock

just to forward a little bit that i’ve been able to get clarified;
apparently “bone stock” means you can take anything you want off the car ( with the exception of the windshield ) but you are not allowed to move or add anything. this means that you can’t move batteries or rad overflow bottles out of crush zones. :confused:

any size DOT tire or wheel is allowed as long as you can prove it came on the car.

i assume a 4 point cage and a fuel cell are OK but you’d have to pass that by Rusty to be sure.

i’m sure they’re going to go with the Strictly Stock safety attire rules: long sleeve shirt and pants ( the better to soak up gasoline spills ) with helmet and closed toe shoes.

given the lack effort into composing rules involved here i’m pretty sure you could drive a car in off the street and run it. they haven’t said anything about requiring the removal of other glass, plastic or running lights. just don’t expect to drive it home.

… and I thought it was in honor of “bone man” …

When is the second one scheduled for? i bought a 1999 grand am the other day that runs for 100 buckaroos and it sounds like the perfect use for it. Then i can scrap whats left. Will a safety cage be legal?

Next one will be August 1.


Hey, John Tenney
Boneman appreciation night is actually coming up later in the year. We are going to have lawn mower races, a chili cook-off and a wet t-shirt contest. It will be like NOPI, just with more rednecks.

BTW: JT, why aren’t you in the enduro? Couldn’t you gut one of your extra Bentleys, or the old Infiniti?

My wife won’t let me use her 1998 Olds Intrigue :slight_smile:

and a wet t-shirt contest.

this, uh, this is going to be chicks competing, right?

after that Elvis pick in the camel toe thread i’d hate to get suckered into something else like that. :frowning: