Enigine are running again @ putnam county speedway

[B]Engines are Running Again At Putnam County Speedway
Saturday, May 3rd 2008

There is no doubt that a grey cloud hangs over Putnam County Speedway but with every obstacle it seems to be making everyone even more determined as everyone throws in a helping hand to make Putnam County not only open but also to be Florida Favorite track once again. … .Read the rest of the story here!


So, are the drivers running the track? Looks like an interesting experiment. Best of luck to you guys.

I havent been following this. What about rules for crate motors in the sportsman class? Are they running the ump rules? This track appeals to me because this is the only gear I have and I would like to run some dirt even though this is a hell of a drive for me.

Hey Denise I will be ready for some new vinyl in a couple of weeks. I would like to do the same thing I had before. Is is possible to get it before the first?