Interesting observation about the Sunbelt practice

We had a GREAT practice session here tonight!

Jane and I were obseving on the posts about the drivers that are here, take a look at the hits on each post…I thought it was interesting :slight_smile:

I noticed that before reading this post. Kinda’ like…
When is a poll not a poll??:confused:

The Sunbelt posts

I think the reason for the high response to Wayne Anderson’s hits is because of two things. #1… People didn’t think he would be running another Sunbelt race and wondering why he was there. #2… he has one hell of a fan base and alot of people want to see him run and will travel to see him race. just my opinion. Nothing more. Seems logical though!!!
From what i have read he’s headed to Punta Gorda Saturday…CCMP

Is Wayne running Dirt tonight in Ocala? Or will he be watching the Sunbelt race?

I have to agree with the logic on the clicks for Wayne Anderson. With his website not being updated in years, you never know where he’s running these days. While circumstanes at home have changed for me, I was one of the goofballs that if I heard on Friday he was running Lake City on Saturday, I would change plans and I was there. If he was running tonight at OSW I’d probably try to find a babysitter.