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For the sake of new race fans or even old ones who don’t know the history of the Powell family… each of you add a tidbit of information about James and his family that will be of interest. dont assume everyone knows what you want to write… do it anyways. Just one bit at a time so you all get a chance.
Ive given some on another post so i will not add to it… ok go for it!!! and lets try to stay on track…

Powell Family

He has a hot wife! Thought I would beat that D.A. from Boston to it!

He started racing back around 1983 or so, in his father Buddy’s #19 cars on the dirt at Volusia. I first saw him at East Bay in his rookie year during the “Governor’s Cup 50” in a race won by Will Cagle in Teddy Jernigans #32. James was just 16 at the time.

James Powell Family

Class Family - been around racing for years - like Oz said in another post - Ocala used to be under the control of the Powell’s. Always enjoy watching James race.

Oz… did someone call you a D. A. (everyone knows you are from Boston)…HA HA…
Check all their posts… almost everyone has something negative in them… Must be a terrible life (or no life). Life goes on… we can always count on at least one person on that level. MORE TO COME - I am sure (can’t wait…its the only attention I get except that 11-7am nurse, now SHE’S HOT but I’m not gonna tell Bubba bout her)

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i love challenges OSF…

i want to be the first YANKEE from Boston that roundtracker actually likes. you can be second…
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