was good to meet you guys

I was certainly was glad to meet all the guys that I was able to, last night at Ocala. Circumstances prevented me from spending as much time as I would have liked. I had a battery short out on my cart last night, so that put a crimp in the activitys for sure. We had to push that sucker from the back of the pits. Then I had to walk the rest of the night. Man last night was an awesome time. The UDLMCS agin broke the record of cars at a show. We had 53 cars last night. 7 heat races and 2 B-mains, not to mention our feature race. Racing every where. I don’t think there was an inch of the track during the feature that didn’t have racing going on. It was hard for me to decide where to tape next. At a time like that I need 10 cameras. LOL!
James Powell Jr. Carried my in car and from all indications we got some awesome shots. At least it ran out of tape. Thats a good sign. I’ll post some pics tomorow. I have to go to Charlotte in a minute or so. Agin it was good to meet you guys. Bob…

i didnt get to talk to everyone i wanted to but i did see carol from afar and didnt get to see OSF (i know kinda hard to miss him). but i did get to see my fav person barb and talked to rich after the race (love his new shirts) Now i could be wrong but isnt james’ name James Powell III? not jr? great race in all 3 classes over 100 cars in 3 classes how many times can a track say they had a turnout like that.Man i cant wait till next year

P.S. The Powell Memorial shirts are AWESOME!!!