An excellent TBARA weekend

I sure enjoyed the sprints at Orlando and New Smyrna this weekend. They had a good field and an excellent race both nights, but I am amazed that the fan support was not greater.

I’ve been watching this racing stuff for a long time, and these guys (and Wendy) make me hold my breath and wince more than any other type of racecar.

Tonight at NSS, 12’th starting Troy DeCaire had the race in hand when he ended up in the concrete in the final lap. Maybe he blew a tire, I don’t know, but on the restart 13’th starting Dude Teate held off Ruitimann Jr. for the win. Wendy ran near the front all night and finished third.

IMHO no pavement class PASSES as much as the TBARA!

Hey Bone

Yuppers he sure did have problems… He deserved that victory especially since he came up from 12th or so… His RF blew right off and ended up walking into the pits from Corner 2… That was a shame… All in all though, it was a great race night overall… What did you think of that Super Stock race…


I have to agree on the quality of both shows. Watching the 68 sprint at OSW convinced me to make the run to Smyrna and I was not disappointed. He was fearless, going 3 wide through 1 and 2. Plus, I got to meet the hero of Friday night, the Boneman. What a great guy. My offer stands, if you ever want to make the run to Citrus with that hot rod of yours, I would love to help.

Sorry I missed it…

That was quite the Saturday night for us at New Smyrna! We made some setup and gear changes that had Wendy very comfortable in the car and she did a great job of staying up front in the feature, even after she got clobbered in turn three.

If you want to read a very detailed rundown of Saturday, feel free to check out her blog at the link below. There are some cute pictures of fans in there as well.

A very big thank you to everyone that came out and said hi to Wendy during the autograph session.

Wendy Mathis Racing

Boy did Wayne Reutimann Sr. see the highs and lows this weekend. Kicks everyone’s butt at OSW and then had fits at NSS. I was watching him in turns 3 and 4 at NSS during the heats and he was all arms and elbows. That car was not cooperating with him.

But still, Senior has got to be considered a living legend at this point. The man just does not stop winning. And most of us would agree that the TBARA is probably the best pavement touring series in the state and “the old man” just does not slow down. Not to mention he’s probably one of the nicest guys you’d ever want to meet.