WOW!!!!! CCMP tire test for UDLM "Late Models"!!! WOW!!!!

WOW!!! Johnny Allen and L.B. Skiggs where here testing their UDLM “Late Model”!!! All I can say is WOW!!!
This is going tobe another one of those WEEKENDS to remember.
It is Miller Time!!!:ernaehrung004:
Bobby Diehl

I’m coming down to Charlotte this weekend. We at the UDLMCS are really excited about this race. Should be interesting to say the least.

hey Rick

I am glad you are coming to CCMP this week-end. Bring my radio so I can charge it for golden Isles. I got an adapter for the mic I had for you and it seems to work fine. Bob…

Yahoooooooooooooooo!!! Ccmp Is The Bombs!

CHARLOTTE COUNTY MOTORSPORTS PARK R~O~C~K~S and we didnt have to send a bus to Bradenton to bring people down! Gonna be one heck of a fun night! Can’t wait to see that LB “SKIGGS” guy… sorry Bobby… I couldnt help myself! That’s why Higginbothersome calls me “ooze”… cuz words just “ooze” out! Can ya tell I am excited about the racing at CCMP tomorrow night? YAHOOOOOO!!!
carolwicks AKA OZ
(LB Skaggs)

So THATS what the moral high ground looks like…

Wow…nice slam.

What’s next?
Tell em’ all their momma’s wear combat boots.
Then follow it up with a big, wet bronx cheer.
That’ll show em’.

Gotta keep that competitive…oops…I mean, cooperative atmosphere going.


Man Rick I hope I get to see you brother

I’ll be looking for you Tiny, and I’ll have the radio for you Bob. See you there “Ooze”.

hey rick

bring osmosis with ya. i have something for him. ;-))))