UDLMCS at Golden Isles

This could be one great show. I highly recommend this one to anyone that can attend! Should be a great car count too, if they aren’t in conflict with the NLMS Series that weekend.

I’ll tell ya what…when these guys came to North Florida Speedway, THEY BROUGHT THEIR OWN WEATHER PATTERN!! And it was hurricane force winds.

These guys operate with military precision. They’re organized, enjoy a strong camaraderie and put on one hell of a show. I second the recommendation to [SIZE=“5”]NOT MISS THIS RACE[/SIZE].


I just noticed that the NLMS Series will be there the following week, which leads me to believe that many drivers from that series will come on the 28th to get some laps in and figure the place out for the following week.

Golden Isles has really turned into a great racetrack, and the Lloyd family is second to none in their treatment of race fans and teams. They make everyone feel welcome, and I’ve had nothing but fun the last few trips I’ve made there. Hopefully I can squeeze this one in… it should be excellent!

Too bad it’s almost 4 hours 1-way for me, or I’d be there MUCH more often.

FlaVideo Bob… you got one hell of a ride in front of you son!

Hey Jerry

You are right but I can’t wait. I’ve been doing this race scene thing for a long time and you’d think it’d get to be old hat by now. This series has me excited like I was a rookie. I haven’t had so much fun in 15 years. I just wish I was younger and didn’t get so worn out. I think I’m going up Friday and get a motel. Its just too much for me to drive that far and work all night. I hope to see you there. Bob…


did ya hear that Bob? Frassy called you son…next thing ya know he will be calling me “little girl” hehehe LUV IT!!!
miss ya frassy! (((((((((HUGS))))))))))
carolwicks aka OZ

I noticed that Carol but I was basking in the brilliance of his words. He knows a young wippersnaper when he see’s one…

Hey Jerry!

Drive up here and I’ll take over or just pick me up in your car and I’ll give you a dollar for gas! Give me a call (352)318-3912

I highly recommend the trip. I went twice during the Superbowl of Motorsports this year and the shows were amazing. Three wide everywhere and only 3 hours and 15 minutes from downtown orlando.