New and used stuff

1-Winston Motor Sports AM-FM radio headset runs on 9 volt battery…$10.00
1-NASCAR NEXTEL AM-FM radio headset runs on 2 AA battery’s…$10.00
1-Radio Shack PRO-89 200 Channel scanner, very good condition…$75.00
1-Uniden Turbo Sport cat 100 Channel scanner???..$75.00
3-BP180 Battery’s for Sport cat, BC120XLT, BC220XLT, BC235XLT, and BC245XLT.
4.8 v 800mA…run time up to 12 hours, fully charge in 14 hours…$14.00
4 AA or 4 AAA Battery’s…$2.00
1-New Red RE Scanner Headphones by KOSS???.?.?..$25 .00
4-Radio Shack Scanner Headphones???.??$25.00 each
1-Racing Radio Scanner Headphones???..???$20.00
1- Leather Holster for a Scanner or Radio Includes Swivel belt clip and T strap$20.00
1- Pair of TASCO Noise Protection Headphones, one size fits all…$10.00
2-Antenna for a Motorola Radio, Part Number NAE6483?..$10.00 each
2-Stubby scanner antenna?s???..?. $7.00 each
1-1/8th Stereo to 1/8th Mono Adapter…$3.00
2-1/8th Mono to 1/32nd Mono Adapter???.??.. $3.00
2-1/32nd Mono to 1/8th Mono Adapter???$3.00
3-Splitter cord 1/8th inch ends fits most scanners allows 2 fans with 1 Scanner… $7.00
Headphone Cord 4’ long allows you to stand up without holding your scanner…$3.00
1 AM/FM walkman style radio with headphones…$10.00
9-Binoculars- 4x30MM…$5.00
1-Medium size Camcorder or Scanner case???.?..$10.00
1-Epson C60 inkjet printer, new still in box, comes with cable, just need ink?..$20.00
Various size cases to protect your scanner…$1or $2
If you need anything I?ll try to help you find it. Call for availability 1-336-248-5946 or see me at track. Satisfaction guaranteed 7-07-08