attention 4 cyl drivers

Charlotte County Motorsports park will be running a 4 cyl switch off race
this saturday 7-12-08
there will be no entry fee and Fab 4 drivers may run also without having to move
up. each driver will run 25 laps total race will be 50 laps. the second driver
will pick up were the first driver left off( so hopefully driver #2 does not
have to start laps down) one pay out per car, it is up to the two drivers or car
owner how they want to split it. We will have two sets of throphys for the top
three. We are hoping to do a drivers intro if the wheather permits. you can call
the speedway for any other info or parking at
941-575-7223 or check out the web site at

thanks for your support
and hope to see ya all sat.