Explain This One To The Boss

[SIZE=“4”]These two drivers (in the bottom two images) got into it just after the first race at Bowman Gray Stadium this past Saturday night.
It was worth the money it cost to get in the gate.
These two drivers duked it out for at least 20 seconds before being restrained by police and track personnel.
It brought the crowd to their feet with much hollering.
But the bad part was that they were led off the track in hand cuffs.
In the past drivers doing this type of tactics were escorted off the property and told to come back in a week or two.
However this wasnt the case this past weekend.
According to local police that work the races at BGS, ALL drivers were told at the first of the year that if you get out of your car and then get into an altercation then you would suffer whatever was given out.
And given out were citations for court as they were charged with affray.
Now you might say that this was an on track altercation, and that was brought up to a police officer at the track.
He smiled and said your abosolutely right that it was an on track, full contact incident and an ontrack sport out there.
However once you get out of your car and you were given fair warning at the start of the season then it now becomes a criminal offense.
Both drivers were also suspended from stadium racing for a couple of weeks.
Now try to tell that to your boss come court time:sprachlos020:.
And to make matters worse, one of the two drivers involved works for another city government.:confused:[/SIZE]