Charity Truckers event Info packets e-mailed today !

I e-mailed to all on my e-mail list the info packets in PDF form. All the main info is enclosed. Updates or changes will be e-mailed in press release form or wl be announced on the website If you are not on my e-mail list but would like to be added and get a copy of the info packet on the Charity event, simply e-mail me and ask for a copy you will be added and receive your copy. You can always call me at 407-497-0448 with any questions, suggestions or requests. I appreciate all who have and will support this great event that is a great cause. Helping those who need it and getting to know them. Trucks, Legends, Antiques, Mini-cups, Super-stock and strictly-stocks are all part of this years event. The entry form is for all of you to send in to enter. Please send it in so we can plan and be prepared to host you all properly. Thanks, Rick Bristol
For those who I have mailing addreses for I will be mailing copies of the info packets to you this next week also.