Questions about NASCAR, and photos-----

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Lots of stories can surey be made by counless 100’s of photos that were presented before us.
And Questions about those hundreds of photos, yessirree.

Q. (posted by Frass/118/Binn)
Tabasco Co. is one of the many Companies that felt B.S.'d by their whole involvment into NASCRAP: they came, they spent, they went Home, and the whole team folded.
What happened? Is this normal? And it was Shrugged-Off as if nothing had happened?
What’s the story behind that one?

Tells a story about their 3 efforts to field a Car/Truck in 2004. Martinsville, and Busch Series Machines were shot down, even at Homestead, at trying to qualify for the field. Even made the field. But…got booted because and was not allowed to race because of other Big $$$ Cars flexing their way into the starting line-up.
Whats the story behind that one?

Forgive my ignorance, this might somehow be a self-serving question, but Darn the Luck, what happened here? Did I/We miss something?
Is there a “SYSTEM” in place? And was it Shrugged-Off as if nothing had happened?

I unofficially won my soapbox derby when I was in Cub Scouts (I was 8 years old), but they DQ’d me because my car broke apart as it crossed the finish line. Instead, they gave the trophy to Jeremy Billmeyer because his dad was a lawyer and clearly worked a deal. I quit the Cub Scouts that night… Screw the patches.

How the heck does that happen?