Today's vocabulary lesson: "Intermediate Measure"

Between the options of “bow down and kiss their feet and allow them to get away with anything” and “string em up by their toe nails for raising an eyebrow” there are a range of options known collectively as “intermediate measures”. also known as “wrist slapping”, “finger wagging” or “probation” ( a term with which both of the Busch brothers are very familiar ).

“Intermediate Measures” are useful disciplinary actions for when someone hasn’t exactly comported themselves in the best possible manner but for when they also haven’t caused and didn’t intend to cause any significant harm. and yes, i’m applying that last statement to both of the parties involved. “yelling at” does not qualify as intending harm and we all know racers tend a little towards the excitable side.

i would have a question about whether or not the FASCAR “Jessica Murphy suspension exemption” was in effect but that seems to have been answered already. kudo’s to you for following the rule book.