The high price of gas and racing

The high price of gas and racing-Click Here to Read More


I copped and pasted my other post. It kinda fits this story too.

The heavens looked down upon us again(5th week in a row). With the Grand Stands packed, the mall area was full of venders, and the pits so packed you need a shoe horn to park. There must of been 50 plus carsand motorcycles in the Parade Lap. The media was well represented:
Circle Track Magazine
Inside Florida Racing Kicks County
Sun Shine State Magazine
White Line Magazine
Full Throttle Magazine
There was Hooter Cup Driver on hand Billy Bigley Jr, Blake Koch (RCR newest developement Driver) plus to many to remember at this hour.
Thanks Joe Gibbs for getting another race under the belt (if you do not get it than get the book “Race to WIN!”)!!!
In God we Trust. :engel016:It’s not only on our money. It is the way you live your life.
Living right pays off!!!
Thanks to all the GREAT FANS, Teams, and Staff of CCMP!!!
Bobby Diehl GOODNIGHT!!!:smilie_bett:

Oh yeah. 24 Late Models also where a BLESSING too…
Thanks to all the Sponsors. You are a BIG part of us!!!:ernaehrung004:
Bobby Diehl

Heck I forgot one. Duaaaaa

Channel 2 NBC of Ft Myers was on hand about the Fund raisers for the “Chamber Night at the Races”:
The family left behind of Police Officer Andrew Widman
The Hands of Angels "Summer School for the Special Kids
The Timeout Respite Center

Yes, It’s what you do NOT what you say that counts!!!
Thanks Joe G for the new eyes!!!:sport009:
Bobby Diehl:huepfen024: