Race report for TQ Midgets at CCMP

What a nite it was at CCMP! It started with a 8 lap heat race, that saw some really close racing with Ernie Teed Jr. winning with Mike Belsaur and Geoff Styner rounding out the top 3.

Feauture time came and the drivers were pumped up to get to it. With the really close points battle a stack, the cars pulled onto the track. With the starting order set, and the points leaders starting in the rear, the excitment was pouring. As the hot laps came to a end and the drivers pulled on their belts one last time…the rains came. The cars were called to the pits for a short break. After about ten minutes, the drivers were called to staging. After a drivers vote the hot laps were cancelled and it was time to race! Starting up front was # 30 Mike Belsaur and # 26 Ted Durfee. With # 3 Geoff Styner, # 52 Mike Elder and # 1 Jack Duffy starting in the rear, all eyes were on the close points. Durfee took the early lead with Teed and Belsaur running in the top three. Another bad break for the # 26 of Durfee would see him come to a stop in the infield with another motor problem. This would put Styner in the third spot behind Belsaur and Teed leading. To add some more excitiment to this, Styner’s car would jump out of gear going into turn one, and he pulls into the infield just to find out that the car was back ingear. Styner returned to the track in turn one and returned to the hunt. As Elder and Duffy now battled side-by-side for the third spot. A few laps later, while going into turn three, Duffy would spin. On the restart, it was still Teed, Belsaur and now Elder in the top three. As they took the green, the # 17 of Jamie Barnum would spin in turn four. Another restart and the same would happen, as Duffy spun in turn four. Unforntualy, this was lap 14 and the rains came down on our face shields. The race was called complete and Teed was declared the winner. Styner would finish one lap down due to his infield drive.

The pionts battle remains close and with the month of August off…the final five races should be the best races of the year. Don’t miss these upcoming races!

hey sprinter15jr, See if any of your guys want video of your racing. Whe you guys are at CCMP I don’t seem to have time to talk to them. Thanks Bob…