Columbia Official hit

Is there any word on how the Columbia track official is that was hit on the track this past weekend?

Yes sir…Carl Jones our wrecker driver has a broken pelvis and is being casted today. If you know CJ, he is not liking being in the hospital. He is at Shands in Gainesville. I will keep you updated.

Thank you Sandy.

Carl Jones

So sorry to hear that news. I will keep Carl in my prayers, hoping he will heal soon.
Carol aka OZ

This sounds like a critical time to review procedures at this speedway, and all other short tracks in Florida. For the prosperity of the tracks, and of course for the safety of competitors and officials, I encourage every track manager to make sure their staff is aware of how and when to move on the racing surface. It would be a good topic to raise at drivers meetings too.

Why am I concerned with this incident? Unfortunately, I attended a race this year where a track official was fatally injured while on the track during a yellow. At least this wrecker driver will recover, so lets take this as a warning and try to prevent another accident.

This is exactly why I was saying that Jessica Murphy should have been banned for her conduct under caution. There is already a lot happening on the track without some fool losing it and doing things like that while safety workers are trying to help others or make conditions safe to get back to racing. Honestly if I was a wrecker driver or EMT personnel at a FASCAR track, I would have not resumed to duty in the weeks following the atrocity of a ruling a few months ago. Know it all Todd had his piece to say about how dramatic I was being. Well When some driver loses his cool under caution, kills a safety worker and the track is subsequently shut down and no one has anywhere to race I will be standing right there to say I told you so.

On the flip side I hope the track worker recovers well and is feeling ok given the circumstances. These people are the ones trying to keep us safe people. Lest give them some consideration when they are out there.

Know it all Todd


what’re you, channeling BrokeAssMike now?


waaaaaaaaiiiit a second.

Carl Jones our wrecker driver has a broken pelvis and is being casted today.

can you give us any details on the what, where or whyfor this happened? is there a news story about this anywhere? if so, did they get any of the details right?

Carl was released from Shands yesterday and is at his daughters house in Trenton mending. As for a story…he moved left and the race car moved left. He will mend, but all officials should take heed…always keep your eyes on the cars before stepping on a race track. We see it at all tracks, officials going out in the midst of cars…It was an accident, yes that could of been avoided.