Update on Don Emberson

Don had his by-pass surgery yesterday (4 way) and is resting comfortably. He will be in intensive care for awhile and not sure how much longer in the hospital after that. But he should be fine with rest and time to heal. Mark said he will be at the track Friday to race as long as his dad is doing good.

The Emberson family wants to thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts. Like Mark said, “we still have him with us and that’s all that counts”
and I for one know how he feels because I am still lucky enough to have both my parents with me also and that is all that counts.

Friday at the pit office I will have a card or two for everyone to sign for Don. If you would like to sign it, please just stop by and see me. I will give the card or cards to Mark and he can take them to his dad.

Thanks for the update on Don.