Another Joe Gibbs kind night at CCMP!!!

Another night of GREAT racing. Even with the USA last race CCMP’s Grand Stands were full and the FANS got to see some of the best racing of the year. Ken Smith (Driver of the #11 Outlaw Street Stock) got the first bonus for racing at two tracks in one night. He raced at Desoto (thanks John S. for the schedule to allow him to come) and got into his rig and headed south. It may just be $40.00 total, but Ken was very happy we keep our word. Remember it’s how you live and treat people that will be noticed in the end.
In GOD we trust (it is not only on our money but should be in our hearts).
Thanks for those have keep us open in these tuff times.
Bobby Diehl.:huepfen024:
PS: Once again if you don’t get it. You need to buy it Joe Gibbs “Racing to WIN”!!!
Thanks Joe for the knowledge!!!