eat bay race way don't sit down

want to see some real races tired of watchin follow the leader . want to feel your seat vibrate and heart pound well if you were at east bay this past week end you had better not have had a bad heart from sprint cars bumper to bumper 3 wide then one got up in catch fence on roof wide open sound like two semi trucks hit head on and dust settled driver crawled out man was he ever lucky thats why you have best safety equipment in your car and a well built car .

then on too limited lates what a show from minute green flag droped three wide bumper to bumper back in field timmy gay was coming in # 35 some how 3 wide they tangled on front straightway end over up on roof on top into wall he is little slow crawling out but safety crews on scene in seconds he is ok good –

then to street stocks full field ot them and there ain’t no full moon out but you would have thought there was right from start you would have thought they were racing for ten thousand to win when green flag dropped they went at it two wide at start but by time they got to first turn they were three wide trying to make it 4 wide by turn 3-4 some one did not make it yellow out off again by time they got to end they had put on show and they were not giving up coming down for checkered flag there were at least 3 trying for first and 4 trying for second well some one got under 02 cause he fliped end over end got on roof hit wall at starters stand knocked his helmet off and fuel cell out of car

he was shook up went to ambulance think he was ok spoke to him after we got our car loaded he said he felt all right i know he felt like milk shake but thank god ever body was ok and went home to race another day

i know i got my moneys worth . if i’m gonna watch follow the leader i’ll stay home and watch a movie even powder puff races were good