Update on Goodyear USA Memorial 100 $4000.00 to WIN!!!

The earlier post that was put out on 7-31-08:

There seems to need some clarification. We normally get 16 Supers with the purse adding up to 12,00.00 plus. If 20 SLM show up we will pay $4000.00 to WIN!!! If less than 20 we pay $3000.00 to WIN!!! Again you must buy a set of Goodyear to get the bonus money. The only new tires allowed on the track are Goodyear (track will determine if individuals are allowed on use used tires dermoritetor minimums will be used and prior purchase from the track). If you have any question DO NOT ask another competitors (“NEWMAN”)!!! Call me 813-817-7223 Bobby Diehl:ernaehrung004:

7-31-08 post:
Yes, we will have the Super Late Models back. August 9th 2008. This race is sponsored by the Goodyear Racing Tires. There will be a $14,000.00 plus (based on 20 cars) purse. BUT, You must buy one set of tires (Goodyear). This is a Goodyear Sponsored Race!!! Goodyear ONLY will be allowed!!! The tires are in call for times.
100 laps
$3000.00 to Win
$300.00 (you must buy one set of tires to race)
In memory Lakeland USA that is now gone so support the few tracks you have left.
$175.00 entry $150.00 if pre-entry.
Mail to: 8655 Piper Rd. Punta Gorda Fl.33982
Call for pit slabs. 941-575-7223

Call for you slabs!!!
Thanks for the support!!!
Bobby Diehl