Two ON A Roll

[SIZE=“3”][B]There were two drivers on a roll at Lonesome Pine, Joe “Hurricane” Harrison and Ricky Gillespie.

Harrison is a somewhat hard charger. Thats part to where he gets his name from. He has paid his dues in some of the practices he has been in and a couple of races where he had engine troubles at Franklin County.
But Hurricane has weathered it all and now has garnered his first victory.
One thing for sure is that we are willing to bet that there is a big smile on the face of his father Joe Harrison Jr.
“Hurricane” has followed his fathers paths for years and now gets a chance to cash in on all the labors and what a way to do in only five races.
Look for more out of “Hurricane”.

On the other hand, Ricky Gillespie was one of the contenders of the Young Gun Challenge for new and upcoming drivers on the Super Cup Stock Car Series Tour.

Gillespie made his first start, he did have a few spins however thats the price it takes when you get into full scale racing.

Gillespie will be another driver to watch from in the future once he gets the feel of these steel bodied cars.:engel016:[/B][/SIZE]