Thanks Jim & Virginia Higginbotham!

The Staff and FANS want to say a Special Thank You to Jim & Virginia for bringing out the Busch Grand National Michael Waltrip NAPA Race Car with the ride along seat out to Bronson Motor Speedway last Saturday Night! Several Kids got to ride in it, and we are sure that will be the talk of the town- especially with school starting soon! That is a real cool machine Jim!

Thanks again Jim & Virginia!!

I don’t know who had more fun…All the kids or Virginia and I.
The real surprize was our first rider. Not quite a kid, but carrying one. The young lady was “very” pregnant and asked if she could ride. I told her my rule was that if you can fit thru the window, you can ride. She did. I ask her when she was due and she said within two weeks…OMG…:sprachlos020: Another rule is that “if you mess in the car you clean it up”. (I was referring to her water breaking). All went well and she ‘popped’ out of the car as easy as getting in. I’m sorry I forgot her name, but her hubby is also a driver. Thanks to the crew at Bronson Speedway.
We had a great time also…:ernaehrung004: