Daytona Road Race Stock Car Notes

DIS August 9 2008

Saturday notes

Charles Wicht picked up where he left off at road atlanta, taking the overall pole, and win on saturday. Charles established a new track standard for V8 GT-1 besting Jeff Emery’s record with a 1:53.5.

Not to be out done Texan Gregg Rodgers bested Butch Kummer’s 2005 record run with a 2:00.1. in the Saturday race. Gregg finished second to Bob Stretch who cut a quick 2:00.5 himself.

Dave Machavern C6 Riggins Corvette (V8 GT-1 points leader) lost a clutch saturday, but should be fixed in time for Sunday’s race. Should be a good race between him and Wicht on Sunday.

Paul Breehne had an “excellent adventure” blowing a tire on the banking, turning around and losing almost the entire body off his fast V8 SPO. Many who checked out the car in the paddock afterward thought the car was a total. On closer inspection, though, the ONLY damage was to the body as Paul never hit a thing, but lost the roof, windshield, entire left side, tail and most of the right. As always, the easy going Breehne, came out of it smiling and joking, remarking “he new something was wrong when a whole bunch more sunlight came in the car.”

Gary Jensen was very quick and consistent in his V8 GT-1 Porsche, finishing second. This is the very cool car that ran the Rolex 24 with it’s Graphic’s featuring likeness’ of Frank Sinatra, Clint Eastwood, Brigitte Bardot (on the hood) and Paul Newman’s eyes looking at you from the tail.

Bubba Longbottom (Amsoil-NanaBanana Monte Carlo) ran well in his first attempt at Daytona, but will soon be retiring “the oldest road race tube frame racer” in favor of a very nice, well known ride that was actually constructed during the last decade. Bubba, V8 StockCar’s very own “John Belushi” and his wonderful family are a great addition to the group. Bubba resides in Ormond Beach but own’s and operates an auto repair shop in South Florida. Longbottom racing had support this weekend from the repair shop’s foreman, Allan, who travelled up to help the boss.Bosco

Daytona Sunday Notes

Well, Charles Wicht’s track record didn’t last too long as in Sunday morning qualifying Machavern cut a fine 1:52.313 in his Heritage Motorsports Vette, despite the incredible heat. Wicht cut a 1:54.393 in the same session.

Bob Borders had a good run at 1:57.632 in his vette.

Bill Reid, from Texas, purchased the Mike Canney Rocketsports Corvette and did a nice job with a 1:59.615 in his first effort at Daytona and in the new car.

Bill Riddell had a 1:59.964 in Sundays q session in his ex Tommy Riggins IMSA Championship winning Buick Somerset Regal. I have seen this car go as fast 1:56 on cooler days.

Former SPEED World Challenge racer Bob Stretch was impressive in his “slime” green GTA Monte Carlo cutting 2:00 laps consistently. This guy hits his marks almost every time. He will be a threat to win every time.

Danny Foster improved his Qualifying time from saturday to sunday dramatically ending with a 2:01.520 Sunday in his Outback- Coors Light Dodge.

Texan Gregg Rodgers seems to pick up new courses quickly and he was in the 2:00-2:02 range through out the weekend.Bosco

All of the Kansas Tornadoes want to thank Lee A and V8Stockcar for a GREAT time!! Hooters and the go karts were a blast! It was great to go to the outback steak house on Saturday night, see a big line outside and walk into a reserved room and get free BEER and APPETIZERS!!
The Kansas Tornadoes plan on coming back to Road Atlanta this fall, So BEWARE!

Anytime Tornadoes, thanks for making the trip! The V8 series thanks all teams for coming out!V8Stockcar

Ray Webb was running well in his Kenco Signs, Tommy Riggins prepped V8 GT-1 Olds on Sunday, however on the last lap, Ray stated that someone lost a hood in front of him, his move to avoid it caused him to back into the tire wall at the exit of the chicane…wait a minute, is this the " a dog jumped out in front of me excuse."

We have been lobbying front running A Sedan racer King Pickett to get a stock car and come test the waters. King is a fine “shoe” and would be a great addition. King’s Dad, the late Dr. Wilbur Pickett was a well known racer of SCCA and IMSA Camel GT fame, often seen in Corvettes at the 24 hours.

It was great to have our “You Tube” star Tad Segars back with us, I don’t think he did anything this weekend to top his LOWE’s Speedway (end-over) adventure in his thunder roadster.
What’s it like “bein’ a celebrity” Tad?

A big thanks to Danny Foster for setting up the OutBack party that must have had 75 of our “family” in attendance. The Hoosier boys came out to party with us again led by reknown party animal, John.

Squeak and I want to thank Dave Machavern and Tommy Riggins for bringing our parts truck to the track once again. This time supplying spark plugs, voltage tester, and carburetor. Only problem was that on saturday that 2000 cfm carburetor off of Dave’s SB2 powered Corvette nearly drowned my 18 degree motor, the car and Squeak to boot. With Dave’s carb on the car it would pull to an ear splitting 3400 rpm’s. Bosco

How about Larry Hoopaugh, garners a V8 SPO win in his first weekend road racing. Larry cut a fine 1:58.483 in the Sunday race was fourth overall behind the front running V8 GT-1’s of Machavern, Wicht and Riddell.

Riggins Engineering had a pretty good weekend with Machavern winning overall, Riddell coming home third, Ray Webb running his fastest lap at Daytona with 1:59, and Paul Breehne blowing the body off his car, meaning it will have to go back to Jacksonville for a complete new wardrobe.

Nascar’s Scott Lagasse jr started about mid pack in the 50 something car field and made it all the way to 8th overall and 2nd in V8 GTA in his first weekend at Road racing. Scott’s dad, Scott Sr the former Trans Am and Nascar truck star had about filled a legal pad with notes on things to work on for next time. Rumor has it that the ol’ man might just find his way into a V8 StockCar himself soon.

Watching Arlington, Texas racer Bob Stretch from the cockpit of my racer was a learning experience, as the former SPEED World Challenge racer consistenly went DEEP into the braking zones yet always seemed to be a bit faster back on the gas…this man has TALENT!