Pete Cracolici Passes on

Pete ran his last race today and got his checkered flag to Gods Kingdom. :engel016: He raced and worked at Sunshine Speedway as well as Citrus County Speedway, as of late. He had alot of health issues but overcame them all and persevered. His desire to race was huge even when he couldn’t due to health reasons, he still went. He was a good friend to me as well as many others. He will be missed by many! I will miss him but will NEVER forget my friend Pete Cracolici. God Speed to you my friend I will see you when it my turn to get my checkered flag to heaven. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.


pete will be missed but never forgotten. He was one of the most helpfull and kindest people i have ever known. He tought me alot about racing he was a mentor and kinda like a older brother to me there will always be a place in my heart for him. Pete will be riding shotgun with me this weekend and for the rest of my racing career. Carol, Cory, Courtney, if there is anything i can do for you let me know you will be in my thoughts and preyers. there is so much more i want to say but im at a loss for words. RIP BROTHER I’ll miss you always.

                                   Chad Cushing[IMG][/IMG]


Sorry to here that. He was always a GREAT guy to talk too when we raceed at Sunshine. Wish all the best to his family and friends.:frowning: