Switching tire brands at FASCAR?

I have heard from serveral people that goodyear is on there way out? The reason I was told was because Goodyear was not making the treaded tires anymore and another story that was told to me was Goodyear was getting out of the short track tire business any truth to these stories? I do know that the tires are of short supply at NSS. Does anybody know if is fact that FASCAR will be changing tires? Also does anybody know if any other track are having problems getting Goodyear tires?

Maybe they will switch the modifieds to Hoosiers, That will help get the car count up .

How would switching to Hoosiers get the modified car count up?


Tires are scarce. Just bought a set at Bronson. The name Goodyear is no where on them and they are made in Canada. Not many on hand either.
One more surprize…After practice laps, 2 heat races and two 30 lap races, they don’t leak out the sidewalls like Goodyears do… :sprachlos020:

PLEASSSSSEEEE Switch to something other!!!

I would rather run on a recapped Kelly Springfield than any tire Goodyear has. I have run their grooved tires on mini’s, street stocks and sportmans and they are all junk ! They leak their hard and stones and just plain look ugly too. I had to fab up a set of chassis blocks for my car, because after a night of racing the car would lose air and the straps would loosen up allowing the car to move in the trailer. Don’t like them never had never will won’t buy for any of my passenger vehicles either.

JMO, Danny

Put the mini stocks on the hoosier sport. It has more bite than the goodyear and will last longer. We ran a set at Hardeeville in 2002 for 19 races. Lap times only fell off a tenth through out the whole season. They were a good 6 tenths of a second faster than the goodyear.