Attention all Sprintcar Drivers, Fans, and Tracks. Beware!!!!!

Sorry for being Human (I erased my earlier post). Sometimes some of the promoters do things without thinking of the flip side (and who it hurts). In my opition the racers are free agents and should be able to race were ever they choose (they are why the FANs come and the TRACK stay open). That is why we as promoter you should strive to win them over to compete at our Tracks or in your Series (and the FAN also). The type of action that I heard about was (only in my opition) a slap in the face for all the Racers, Fans, and Tracks. Some of the promoters should get the book Joe Gibbs “Racing to WIN!” Yes, I know this is a tough week to be a Joe Fan, but maybe, just maybe. It’s the most important week of all? We at CCMP try (oh so very hard) not to do these types of things to the Racer and FANs.
The value of WINNING is in how you play the game (there again a tough week to be in Joe’s shop).
I sure hope this all works out not to hurt any TEAMs, FANs or TRACKs (promoters please think).
Only my opition.
Thank you for your time.
Bobby Diehl

And now from the “How’s That Foot Taste?” department…

This is your “opition” now.
As opposed to what is was before you got an inverse reaction to what your “opition” was earlier.
Keep your priorities concentrated on Charlotte County and reap you’re own rewards. Why not just promote your track and support your racers as THEY are YOUR bread and butter. Reacting and strategizing in accordance to someone else’s actions is not being true to your own business plan as I see it. I also doubt that Joe Gibbs runs his companies or writes his self-help books based on the formulas and track records of his peers. On the other hand, maybe he does.

Of course, that’s only my opition.
Dang, the “n” and the “t” keys are pretty close together…