4 awards left, 30 Laps sold so far can you help !!!!!!

We have 4 awards left top fill for the Charity Truckers 200
Hard Luck Award $100
Halfway Leader $100 Minimum
Lucky Dog Award $100
Fast Lap of the Race Award $100

Double Awards can be done…if you want one of the others, we want to fill them all first too.

170 Laps left to sell, the countdown is on $20.00 each.
$10 goes to family, $10 to leader of said laps.

You can call me 407-497-0448 and I can tell you what laps are open, or if you do not care just let me know how many and how you want them listed.

Rick Bristol

Halfway leader award filled, will you sponsor one, will you buy laps !

Please consider an award or help us fill the laps…thanks
Rick Bristol

Really need your help, need to fill laps and last few awards !

Please help us help little Lacey, she needs us. Call 407-497-0448 sponsor some laps $20 each. Three awards left $100 each…e-mail me at the following rbmini68@aol.com go to www.carsracermarketing.com for more info.