info about the late Mike McCance

if anyone who posts knew Mike, please contact me. Thank you… or 941-629-7451

Carol, I just noticed your private messages to me. I’m sorry I didn’t see them. I left you a voice message so if I can help any and it is not too late, let me know. Mike’s brother, Barry, will be at Ocala and Volusia this week if that helps.

Again, I apologise. A big oversight on my part.

no problem

hiya! i heard from Barry and passed the info on to Marty. Thank you so much. we all need to help each other in times of need. thats what makes this sport special. even when we dont know each other, we help each other. :wink: have a great day…
carolwicks aka OZ

Great, I’m glad you got what you needed. Thanks!:slight_smile: