VSP on Saturday

Some pretty good racing that night. Track was a bit rough down low in turn 4, and the middle groove of 1 & 2, but if you avoided the holes and bumps, it looked real racey.

A couple of drives that were very impressive were turned in. Jamie Carter in the #15 Modified was cruising away from the field when he spun all by himself in turn 3/4. It musta pissed him off, as he came from 16th to 3rd in 5 laps, but was beat to the line at the last moment, placing him 4th.

Tyler Ivey’s #47 Late Model, gets better every time I see him run. He was the only one that had anything for Johhnie Collins, and if he had changed his line through 3 & 4, he may have gotten the win. Jeff Henry was also very much improved. I’ll bet he and Darrell Padgett swappped 4th and 5th place a dozen times or more. Looked like they both had one hell of a time! Another strong run for Adam Bedenbaugh also. Seems like he’s sorta lost on a slick track, but when it starts drying out, he starts coming on. I believe he finished 6th. He could turn into a big winner in this class.

Problems for both Rich Pratt & Ivedent Lloyd (driving David Clegg’s #07). Lloyd won his heat after starting in the rear, but went straight backward in the feature. He finally pulled off and quickly loaded up. Pratt’s luck was even worse. It looked like he needed a push start from a tow-truck to even get started, but while being pushed, something broke (possibly either transmission or rear-end gears stripped). He never even made it onto the track surface before his night was over.

Several other good races and impressive drives, but I don’t have time to tell more stories right now. Feel free to add your own observations of a good night of racing at VSP.

And, as always, thanks to Joe Linebarrier for once again making us feel welcome and appreciated by the VSP folks!

I hadn’t been to VSP in quite a while and really wanted to see some racing. Really good night of racing. I did think that the 5 should have been black flagged for turning the 09 into the wall on the back stretch in the late model race. I thought that “move over tap” crossed the line, but I couldn’t see the back stretch very well, and maybe I didn’t see all that went on. Thanks for the update on Rich Pratt. I thought he might have been holding something back in his heat race and then couldn’t figure out why he didn’t start the feature. Too bad that something broke. The modified race was great. The 15 might have come back and won if there had been a few more laps.

I only wish that VSP wasn’t quite so far from Gainesville.