OSW Schedule Change

Well I log onto the OSW website to check results from last night and noticed there were no ministock results. I was curious as to whether there were races scheduled for them and none showed up or if they were not on the schedule.

Long story short I noticed STUNT WARS in the place of October 3rd. This was a regular race night according to the schedule a few weeks ago. I know this because I intently planed to race that weekend there, along with the friday before. What track in its right mind changes a schedule once it is made. Especially to take away events. I can see adding events but not taking away.

It would be like if you planned your family vacation to Disney and less than a month before your vacation you find out that the park will be closed for anything less than a catastrophe.

Bad business move in my book. I know people are going to tell me to stay up here since I do not like it and that is exactly what I plan to do. Therefore I will not be racing at OSW, NSS or CCMP.

I just looked at the schedule and did not see ministocks listed for last night.

Last night was originally a Mini-Stock Challenge Race… That series folded and were taken off the schedule… with it being a make-up date for the Legends and Bandoleros, we already had a full schedule.

You are missing the point. I happened to look at the schedule because of no minis last night. Im talking about the schedule change for october 3rd.

It looks like my “mytery driver” scared you off!

I saw that stunt wars announcement last night and knew it may affect your plans. You ought to come down anyway. You can still race three nights and have a few nights to waste on mindless fun.

Im just going to stay up here. Thats 25% of the racing I intended to do. Now one rainout would cut my plans in half. Fuel for the week was going to be in excess of $700.

It really bugs the crap out of me when tracks change things. Rule changes during a season, schedule changes. They scream they want cars to show up yet take racing off the schedule.

Worst part is I had 3 cars from up here talked into coming down on the 3rd.

Sorry we screwed up your plans but the track was rented out that weekend and schedules change all the time. If you can find one that is set in stone (local, of course) I would be astonished. But sorry we won’t see you.

I have seen a lot of tracks set a schedule and stick with it. I guess they will do what they see fit.

Now im going to go plan a weekend at my condo at the beach. Hopefully Myrtle Beach doesnt cancel the waves for the weekend.

Condo on the beach sounds really nice to me. But you never know what waves will do especially if they have a surfing contest here and the waves go away. Here when you don’t want them, gone when you do.

Nope. That’s the week that late season hurricane will blow in. To put it simply, tracks occasionally change schedules for many reasons. Get over it.

What a lovely attitude for someone that is supposedly on the track promotion end to have. Way to illustrate the problem. Just remember the drivers are just as much the customer as the fans in the stand. Infact the drivers are more the customer. No drivers equals no fans.

I was hoping you would come down so I can beat your A?? at the lil 500 for that comment in the comics corner section.
All serious, it sucks it works out that way, I was looking forward to meeting you.

You still don’t get it, do you? The point I hoped to make (but you missed) is that stuff happens, things change, and schedules almost always get altered. It’s just like that hurricane that shows up during the beach trip you had scheduled months before. It happens, you can’t do anything about it (except piss and moan) so why not get over it and adapt? Ocala Speedway used to print out schedules for the entire year every year. By the end of July they usually were useless. That’s because rainouts forced rescheduling of events, opportunities presented themselves to the speedway that the owners didn’t want to pass up, or maybe a racing series asked us to add a date when another track cancelled one. All sorts of stuff used to happen, including adding bigger payout races for some divisions.

To limit the track's ability to adapt and go with the flow not only cheats the track, but in many cases it cheats the drivers as well.  Ocala could have easily dumped the rained out Pepsi Six Pack race that was hit by weather, but changed the schedule and got it in.  Another division (I think it was the Mini Stocks but I'm not sure) also lost a $1000 race to weather and Ocala rescheduled it.  To set the schedule in stone would have cheated two divisions out of a $1000 to win race, and do you think that they would have liked that?

I’m not trying to be a smart azz. It’s just a fact of life that unless you adapt and move with the situation, then you cheat yourself and others out of opportunities. OK, so the weekend you planned didn’t work out. Get over it, adapt, and go with the flow, just like the tracks do.

Bad Attitude

" Just remember the drivers are just as much the customer as the fans in the stand. Infact the drivers are more the customer. No drivers equals no fans."

To have a whole pie, you must have ALL THE SLICES… No one slice is more inportant than any others IF you want to have a whole pie (or show).

To think you (one slice) are more important than others is the first part of a problem.

Get over yourself and enjoy the condo on the beach (hope you have great weather, but if not, please don’t let us know about it, call someone who cares.)

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He Has Spoken

And that last post was brought to you by the “CHOSEN ONE” !!!:grinser010:

Yea Buddy

And don’t ye be forgetten that either! (lol)

Howdy Jim, been a while. Hope to git up UR way soon and see some great OCALA Dirt Racin.

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You’d better bring a tall chair then. With all the rain, tracks been kinda rough!!!

Get It Up ???

[QUOTE=Old Sunshine Fan;15182]And don’t ye be forgetten that either! (lol)

Howdy Jim, been a while. Hope to git up UR way soon and see some great OCALA Dirt Racin.

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Bring an umbrella too…LOL