few from GIS

I didn’t take a lot of stills. We got a new camera and I ain’t learned how to use it yet. These cars are behind the track and they ae all KIAs. Franky owns the land and they distributer leases it from him to stor the cars.
I know, it don’t take muich to ammuse me… The #1 is Shane Williams I just took it to show off my new camera. I had to reduce it twice to get it on here. Bob…

The lease should be up within KIA in a year and the plan is to build a dragstrip there.

I bet they have made a wealthy man out of Franky.

I would hate to buy one of those. I bet they have to clean them for a week to get all the clay dust out of the hard to get places.

You are right Kevin. The track is about Maybe 5 or 600 yards west of there.
The cars have a kinda red cast to all of them. When I rode over there to take those pics we talked to a gaurd and he said they have 2007,2008, and 2009 cars in there. The 2007s are going to Mexico. The clay look will blend in there. LOL!