dennis abney /// bill revard memorial race

i would like to thank auburndale speed way and ever one who helped put together the dennis abney – bill reverad memorial figure eight race this past saturday night

dennis was a great and up coming racer and if you knew him you loved him you might not have like any of the other abney racers but dennis was different . and he won a lot of races . he died at lakeland speedway in a figure eight car at the age of 21 way to young . he started racing at age of 13 at golden gate and st pete was track champion many times and when dennis died his funeral was five and a half miles long he had many friends we still miss him today .

his father - uncle - brother - sister - aunts - and ever family member were at the races his mother has since past away but she would have been proud of him

thank ever one for coming and for those that did not know him trust me you will never ever here a bad word about him some people are like that like richard coffin - vernon hart - frank riddle - bill revard just bunch good ole boys doing what they like to do never knowing when the last lap is coming thanks dennis uncle ronald abney your dad donald and mother bonnie love you and thanks to ever one who put the race on