FASCAR Banquet set...FUN for everyone!!!! It will be an event!

The 2008 FASCAR Banquet has been set…

It will be at the Radisson Resort at the Port In Cape Canaveral.

Here are the REAL kickers!!!

The room is HUGE there will be no walls to block anyones view!

Next door is …

A Go Kart Track…I can see the FASCAR Nationals in the afternoon

A Miniature golf course…Fun for the kids :slight_smile:

We want to make this an EVENT! Not just a banquet!

Rooms will be available at a discount and there are many GREAT photo ops on premisies. It is across the street from the beach and the Port. It will be a LOT of fun!

Ohhhh and ummmmmm uhhhhhhhh on the other side of the facility for the grown ups is The Fairvilla Adult Super Store.

Great news , but what is the date and time ?


That last line flustered me so much I forgot to put a date on the post…

Saturday January 17

Times to be announced soon! There will be a happy hour etc, but we really want to make sure that there are activities all afternoon for those that want to get there early and make a weekend of it.

BONEMAN…You need to do your magic and get the troops rallied for a HUGE go-kart event…You do not have to be part of the banquet to participate in these events, come on out and have fun with your FASCAR family! :slight_smile:

Maybe we should go to Fairvilla first and get plenty of kart racing accessories!

Count me in for the Karts.

I can picture it now, a bunch of drunk rednecks on the go-kart track with strap ons on their foreheads.

I will pass on the banquet but I will sure as hell meet everyone at the go-kart track.

[QUOTE=Edm;15465]I can picture it now, a bunch of drunk rednecks on the go-kart track with strap ons on their foreheads.


There is actually a funny story involving something of this matter. I own a small online adult novelty store. Back in 2004 I took an extremely large replica of the male genitalia and tied it to the back bumper at the end of the right rear quarter panel of a friend of mines race car. and set it up on the frame rail so that when he swerved to warm the tires it would fall off and hang down below the rear bumper. Then as he would go through the corners it would swing out and be completely obvious. I was behind him when it fell and when we started racing and it swung out it would point straight out. They had to throw a caution to have him take it off. The track officials didnt want to touch it. We got in a lil trouble for that one.

LOL my stomach hurts…

Ok ok…

Sounds like we are all in for a good time… Hey I think we will have to set someone up with a similar ahhh predicament… Boneman, since you will be active this weekend, how about we use your cars as test vehicles… Then we can see the reaction to this at both tracks… Instead of waving at someone you just passed, you can hit a switch and a large replica will rise up out of the back of the car… Ok ok… I know sick bugger I am today…

Have a great day to all… Hope to see everybody this weekend and at the banquet… I can hear the carts now… We can call it Cart "Crash-A-Rama"2008… Going out in style…

I think I’ll pass on that offer. The only genitalia in my car is the one sitting behind the wheel, and that is how I intend to keep it.

Hmmm… Something about Edm’s post… I think I can visualize the helmet that the last place kart driver will win.

Oh… I would have loved to see a video of that car… That is a classic… Hopefully it won’t be repeated soon…

Hey, we can get that giant inflatable on Bonemans car and maybe we can talk the track announcer into playing Rodney Carringtons song “Dear Penis”

Sorry guys, I couldnt resist.

The Radison is right in my back yard and I have spent many a banquet there with my daughter who went to Merritt Island High. It is really nice and I know you all will love it. Plus my cousin use to stay there when she came to visit me and the rooms were really, really nice. I know you all will love it and it will be a great time for everyone and it use to have this really cool tiki bar by the pool which was really nice. And if you like fishing, the park at the port is really nice to fish from and you never know what you will catch there but there is always some thing biting and manatees swimming by and dolphins.
Great place for a banquet for sure.