UDLMCS Dirt Late Models Live at East Bay

Hot laps will be underway any minute now with qualifying to follow.

35 cars have signed in for the 50 lap feature event.

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Fast Qualifier was “The Catfish” Keith Nosbisch with a time of 15.515

Patrick Williams had a tough break with a flat tire at the beginning of his qualifying run, so he will have to race his way in to the main feature.

The main feature will have either 24 or 26 cars.

Heat races are now underway.

The B Main is now underway.

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The 2nd and final B Main is now getting ready to start !!!

Feature Event Coming up Soon - Dont Miss It

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Driver Introductions Coming Up

Driver Introductions starting in just a few minutes - don’t miss the drop of the green.

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Getting Ready To Go Green !!!

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