Get ready to ROCK CCMP this weekend. Tires are in!!!!!

The Goodyear Tires ( rights and lefts are USA Yellow Letters) are in both sides. We have 16 Modifieds already on slabs for Saturdays “BIG Triple 50 lappers Night”. Fla. Sun Coast Vans Lines “Outlaw Street Stocks” 50 and The Southern Lighting Racing “Sportsman 50”. WOW!!! If that’s not enough the Fab and Pro 4’s along with the Road Warriors. BUT WAIT!!! There’s MORE!!! The “THUNDERING HEARD” (Desoto Champ Karts) roars through the SEMI banked 3/8 OVAL!!! So if you need a slab you better call 941-575-7223. Last week we had over a hundred plus Teams. WE will. We will ROCK YOU!!!
Thanks to all the supporters of CCMP.:ernaehrung004:
Bobby Diehl:huepfen024: