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Awhile back, Jack asked me to start a thread to see how many people on this board have a loved one, friend, etc. in either Iraq or Afghanistan so we could pay tribute to them. Only a few posted to the thread and yet last Saturday when we were giving away tickets at McDonald’s, we had two men who were leaving for Iraq Monday come thru our line.

If you don’t want to post their names on the board, please e-mail me We really would like to pay tribute to them. My son-in-law has already spent 17 months in Afghanistan and is now waiting in Kuwait for his new station in Iraq for a year. That is a very long time to be away from his children and his wife but he deserves to be recognized by all of us.

So please, send me the names of your friends, family who have served or are serving in either country so we can give them the respect that they deserve. Little is said anymore about our soldiers so we need for them to know that they are not forgotten by us.

Thank you

we can never do enough…

hi jane. i dont think we can ever repay our soldiers for what they are doing but i dont know one single person over there right now. Linda Jericka’s son was there but hes home now.
im glad you and jack are trying to do some kind of tribute… if you dont get a response then maybe we can do a tribute to some of the soldiers who have already come home … they need us! alot of them are injured mentally and physically… alot of them have no jobs…they will never be the same as they were when they went over. they were young kids out of school who wanted to make things better… the things they saw and the conditions they lived in have changed their lives forever. they need us…
i sent Christmas cards to about 100 soldiers every year. dont know a single one of them but you cant imagine how much it means to them. there are soldiers who never get any mail. thats who i send to. some of them design and make me cards and i treasure them… the holiday season is coming soon. i will post the site where you can get names of soldiers without mail… and i hope we can bring some comfort to the soldiers who have already done their service as well.
carolwicks aka OZ


If you know someone who has already been there, that is fine. They all deserve our respect so just let me know.

Thanks - Jane

I was an 18 year old Marine in Somolia and it meant the world to me to get mail from home. Sometimes we would’nt get any mail for a month and when we did it was a huge moral booster. On the flip side it was downright devesting for those who didnt get anything. A simple letter or card really helps. I only spent 4 months over there so I can ony imagine spending 17 months. I was away from home for 13 months but not the entire time in harms way like these guys are. With Christmas coming up its time to start thinking about them a little more.