Lucas Oil releases '09 Schedule

East Bay Feb. 2-7.
Nothing for GIS or Volusia.
That April 3rd and 4th looks interesting.

Volusia is owned by DIRT (or whatever their name is now), which also owns both the UMP and the World of Outlaws. Since Lucas is their main competition, I don’t think you’ll ever see a Lucas show at Volusia.

Golden Isles on the other hand, WAS UMP sanctioned for the Superbowl series last year at the beginning of the 10-day stretch. When all the controversy with Bloomquist and his cheated-up tires happened, Frankie Lloyd kicked out the UMP as the sanctioning body (instead of Bloomquist as a competitor), and ran the rest of the week as an “independant” show. I think this years edition (with a lot less than 10 straight days), will again be run as an “independant” show.

I agree with you Ron… that Screven/Swainsboro weekend could be a good one.

P.S. - Ron… are you going to Lowe’s for the World Finals at the end of the month? I might go up and work at the track with a friend of mine, just not quite decided yet. I will NOT be bringing Ian this time!!!

Jerry, will you be on the broom crew? Just kidding. Yes sir, I got my tickets a few weeks ago and I’ll be at the Finals. I missed the Colossal this year because my wife was in the hospital that week. I’m taking a group from church to Gatlingburg, Oct. 27th-30th, so I’ll miss quailifing night, but I’ll leave Friday morning headed that way. I lost my phone and all my numbers so I’m having to start over with numbers, let me have yours again.


My friend, Palmbayer, has a Slot Car Speedway that he hauls all over the country to Nascar and Indy events has asked me to come join him there that weekend. His wife usually helps with set-up, organization, etc… but she has no interest in going. So, if I go, it will be a working-vacation… but he promises that the Slot Cars will shut down for the features.

A free, all-access pass is a nice incentive to go. Not to mention, I don’t think I’ll have a single problem finding some people in the campground to have a few beers with after each nights show!

If I do go, I’ll make sure we meet up and maybe have lunch at the Quaker Steak & Lube up the street.

Late Model entries:

Shannon Babb
Scott Bloomquist
John Blankenship
Eddie Carrier Jr.
Shane Clanton
Wayne Chinn
Rick Eckert
Michael England
Ricky Elliott
April Farmer
Steve Francis
Chub Frank
Scott James
Darrell Lanigan
Jeremy Miller
Jimmy Owens
Matt Miller
Josh Richards
Clint Smith
Jeff Smith
Jeep Van Wormer
Earl Pearson Jr.
Keith Barbara
Matt Lux
Jared Miley
Jack Pencil
Dan Stone
Chesley Dixon
Chuck Harper
Ricky Weeks
Josh Mcguire
Jordan Bland
Coleby Frye
Tim McCreadie
Vic Coffey
Tim Fuller
Donnie Moran
GR Smith
Jill George
Jeff Rine
Johnathan Davenport
Austin Dillon

Expect a bunch more cars, plus about 40 or so World of Outlaws Sprints.

After last weekends trip the wife has killed off any thoughts I had of headin up there at the end of the month. I think my next race will be the UDLMCS at Eastbay in Nov. then I’m gonna hibernate till Feb Winternationals. LOL

Looks like they’ve added another night to the Finals with the Showdown being rained out last night. They are running it on Oct. 29th.