Julie passed away late Thursday. I did not find out until tonight when I got home from work when my son told me. I guess her husband just couldn’t make the call to tell me and I understand.

I can’t tell you how much this hurts to my very soul. I will miss her forever and forever she will be in my heart. But I thank you all for all the prayers and now if you can just say a prayer for her husband Gene and her son Todd, I will be grateful.

Julie - I will love you forever and miss you forever. You were more like my sister than a friend and no one will ever replace you in my heart.

Jane I am so sorry. IT WAS A long haul< but she got to realize her dream and take her cruis> I wil pray for her husband and son and you for comfort and peace with what has happened. Gods got a plan and we aren’t always in tune with it. May God bless. Bob…

Sorry to hear about your loss. Shes in a better place now without all of the pain.

Goodbye for now Julie.

jane, i am so sorry Julie has passed on but also glad she has finally found peace and is pain free. it has been a long hard journey. i will keep her family in my prayers. she was lucky to have you as her friend.
much love

My head tells me she is better off now since she was in pain in the end and never was before until they took her off the new wonder drug. But it is my heart that just doesn’t want to hear that just yet. Maybe it is being selfish but I much rather still have her here so she can see her son graduate from college, get married, have her first grandchild. I just hope someday he realizes just what a wonderful and loving mother he had because like most kids in their 20’s, they forget about their moms because they are so busy with their lives and trying to find their place in life. Many a time he would call and say he was coming to see her and then when he got there, he spent a few minutes with her and then it was off to see his high school friends here.

Julie was the most unselfish person in the world although I will never understand how her sisters and brother didn’t love her. Many nights she cried over this and asked me why but since I have only one brother and I would die for him and him for me, I could not explain that to her. She was the youngest child of four and she always felt like her sisters and brother hated her because she was the youngest and she got more of her parents’ attention because she was the baby and they didn’t have to chase other kids because they were grown and gone and Julie was home alone with them.

The only time I ever saw her and her sisters and brother together was when her mom died. They moved her mom here so they could all take turns taking care of her. I was at the hospital with Julie the day she died because she needed me and I was there when she needed someone to talk to, someone to cry to. I could not go to the funeral because they took their mom back home to North Carolina to be buried but Julie and I still talked on the phone to help keep her sane thru the grief.

Julie had many friends here but as friends go, they came and went out of her life. Julie was not one to hold her tongue and she would tell you if you were wrong or messing up and that caused alot of her so-called friends to disappear. She did not put up with any bull or someone lying to her. She did the same with me when my daughter and I went thru a really tough time, she always assured me that someday she would know how much I loved her and that she would see that. Julie got me thru the hardest time of my life with love and understanding and just being there for me.

I appreciate your thoughts and prayers and I know Julie would not want me to grieve forever but right now it is too raw and too hurtful. She fought so hard and it was just a year ago that she went to Shands for her stem cell transplant and went thru all that. She could have no company until March so we spent many a night on the phone for hours except for Christmas when I was allowed to see her for a short time to give her her mustard seed necklace and a special plague for her kitty Frisky who died right after she got home from the stem cell transplant. Frisky held on until Julie got home and I am so thankful for that because Frisky and BoBo, her two cats, were my kittens that she got from me 17 years ago. She lost BoBo to cancer a few years back but she still had Frisky and she was the best mama in the world to her animals.

Heaven is where I know she is and she is with her mom and dad once again and I know she will always be with me because of who she was here on earth. Life does go on but I will never find another person who could replace her in my heart and for now, I must grieve that lost and cry all the time until there are no more tears because I loved her. So if by chance any of you run into me, please forgive me for the red eyes or the tears because it is just my heart grieving for someone who meant the world to me.

Jane, you and her family have our deepest sympathy, but she is in a far better place. You and her family will be in our prayers. billy

Thanks Billy, I do appreciate that. Julie wanted no funeral service so there will be none. When Gene is up to it, we will have a celebration of her life but right now he is not. We both knew this was going to happen but he and I both have prayed hard for a miracle but sometimes they just don’t happen. But right now he is also just too raw to do anything. I promised Julie I would watch over him and I will because I told him tonight, she will kick me in my butt if I don’t. And I know she would kick both him and me in our butts if we mourn too long but right now we need to. I know God welcomed her with open arms because she was such a good person but knowing still does not take away the pain right now. But thank you for the prayers for all of us.


Jane… I am sorry to hear that Julie lost her battle… Please take light to know that she is in way better place… so think positive and happy about things even though it may be difficult. The thing to think about are the happy and fun moments that you shared together…

have a good night…

Jane, you and Julie’s family will be in my prayers. Please know that she is no longer suffering and she is in a wonderful place. Remember all the fun times you had together and do not dwell on knowing she is gone. She sounded like a wonderful person…

God Bless!!!