Final "ROCKTOBERFEST" at CCMP!!!! Drivers list update!!!


This Saturday night Oct 25th at CCMP the Late Models return for 100 laps, with some drivers returning from the ASA weekend race and adding some of the big named hotshoes like Johnny Kay who beat out Joe Winchell and Hollywood Mike Franklin last time out, this schould be another great Late Model show for all. Along with the Late Models there will be the cars of yesterday with three types of cars, the sportsman, modified, and stock. The T.Q. Midgets will put on there always exciting show and the Faster Pastors will be here with all there church members to cheer them on. The classes that keep the fans entertained with all there door to door, rubbing is racing, who can be the winner this week of the Road Warriors, Gary McFall has taken the win the last two times out and Tom Pryor has beat out Randy Kile for the last two races in the Thunder Trucks and Mini Stocks will be running.
The front gates open sat at 4pm and racing starts at 6pm for more infor call the speedway at 941-575-7223 or visit the web site at

Get ready for a GREAT race:
1).#4 Randy Fox
2).#119 Dalton Zehr
3).#10 Steve Doer
4).#36 Ross Chastain
5).#48 Johnny Kay
6).#56 Wayne Morris
7).#82 Danny Maddox
8).#59 Dustin Dunn
9).#51 Richie Anderso
10).#1 Johnny Jackson
11).#29 Mike Hovis
12).Chris Fontain
13).#77Mike Franklin
14).#15Joe Winchell
15).Ed Leeke
16).Guy Sheets
17).#8Bobby Shelton
18).Kyle Maynard
19).Kevin Igman
20).Casey Caudell
Not bad for Wednesday with two days left for calls.
Remember it is the Value of your Dollar “BEST DAMN BANG for you BUCK”!!!

Thanks for the believing and the support!!!
Bobby Diehl:huepfen024: