The EXCITEMENT IS BUILDING!!! Marion Edwards Memorial

The weather is holding good, yes it is over cast and breezy…keep in mind the breezy part is GOOD :slight_smile:

The drivers are starting to arrive and we at OSW are just beside ourselves to be honored to put this show on!

Come out and support this GREAT event and have a lot of “old time” fun! There is sure to be one of your hero’s on site this weekend!!!

See ya soon!!

Rusty !

i hope OSW is packed to the max and you have a fabulous night. if anyone deserves a great night, it is you. you work tirelessly promoting the track…they are so lucky to have you there… im sorry i cant come. i would love to see jeff and some of the others but i am preparing for my sisters arrival and a million other things. so Rusty… i hope your bells ring loud enough for me to hear them here!!! roflllllllllll :huepfen024:
luv ya
carol aka OZ