Super Lates in the pits already for the Marion Edwards Memorial

92 Matt Bowers
36 Timmy Russell
70 Jeff Choquette
11 David Rogers
77 Wayne Anderson
75 David Pletcher
407 Jason Vail
23 Rusty Ebersol
57 Chad Pierce
80 Brian Finney
18 Jared Allison

We had a very light sprinkle, just long enough to slow the action for about 30 minutes.

We are optomistic about tomorrow and we hope that you will be here to enjoy.

Since we had a bit of a sprinkle and the weather has been in question we will open the pit gate at 9 am there will be a $10 fee to practice early session.

Add BJ McLeod he just pulled in :slight_smile:


what a group of drivers!!! awesome… Please God… stop the rain for the weekend… :wink: