The show at CCMP

Take a look at the different appearing cars that are on the track for this Saturday: sprints, open wheels, karts, junker trucks and 2 four cylinder classes. Only the sportsmen and street stocks will have the appearance of the typical stock car classes.

Not pointing the finger at anyone, but it is a fact that many tracks present a show consisting of too many similar classes: 2 or even 3 classes of LM, Bombers, Pure Stocks, Street Stocks, all of which probably resemble each other.

I hope the concept works and fills the stands at CCMP, or any other track (like OSW) that has the foresight to try something different.

Boneman come on down!!!

Come join us for the KIDFEST. We will have all the drivers bring candy for a front stretch FAN Autograph Session. Also the custome contest. So join in on the fun. We are always trying to bring new and different shows for the Fans. If you have any ideas please tell us.
Hope to see you this weekend!!!
Bobby Diehl “The Fan Friendly Track”:huepfen024: