For Those Who Believe in Prayer

I know how you hate this but there are alot of good people on this board who know how important prayers can be. Right now two people really need your prayers and I have faith that those of you who do believe will add them to your prayers.

Wayne Handyside and his sister Pam (Sandy Nerone’s brother and sister) really need your prayers right now. Wayne lost his leg not long ago to diabetes and was doing well but now he is having some problems and instead of moving into his new home (rebuilt from a fire) he will need to move in with Sandy and Don. Pam has fought cancer for many years and recently found out she had problems with her kidneys and she also lives with Sandy.

I admire Sandy because she is the BEST sister any man or woman could have. She loves her family deeply and has always been there for them and now she has her family together in her home. Sandy is a Christian lady and would do anything and I do mean anything for her family. Right now she and Wayne and Pam could use your prayers.

Wayne was the General Manager at Columbia and many of you know him already. Pam worked the concessions at Orlando with Sandy when she had them. Both are good people and have been thru alot in their lives. But they are both truly lucky to have Sandy as their sister because there is nothing that lady would not do for her family.

Please add Wayne, Pam and Sandy to your prayers.

Thank you - Jane

Added to my prayer list and will lift them up in prayer.