Marion Edwards you have someone that you would like to see race?

Do you have a driver at your local track that you would like to see on the 1/2 mile of New Smyrna??

This race is going to be a GREAT race…maybe some of the big name drivers will not be there so they have their stuff for the Gov Cup but I am sure that all of our local hero’s can make for a dang good event! Who knows…this event might even be bigger than the Gov Cup! I really hate to see it this close to the Gov cup but the year is winding down and we wanted to make sure that this race got it’s place back in the history books!

If you have a driver that you would like contacted please send me the number and I will phone them and invite them personally! Keep in mind drivers, even if I do not have your number, you ARE invited to come race! We would love to have you at this historic event!

Keep in mind…$75 entry ALL FASCAR
$100 all non FASCAR

75 laps

Pit entry $15.00 FASCAR
$20.00 Non-FASCAR

NO slab fees

General admission just $15.00

We want to see you there!!! :slight_smile:

Hey Rusty, call Rob “bonehead” Elting! He can come meet his fans from Inside Florida Racing!

In fact, I’ll lay down the following challenge. If “the other bone guy” shows up with his car, I’ll run him in a 5 lap grudge race with my mini stock.

Call him!

I really dont think he will show after his “conversation” with big John, he might be scared.

I’ll run him in a 5 lap grudge race with my mini stock.

you’re going to start in front of him … one lap down, right?

after all, he is a non-racing kind of guy, you need to give him a little help against that Mini-Late Model of yours.

A lap down? Maybe not, but I’ll run him straight up!

As far as my “mini late model”, remember it will have the same lazy guy working on it, the same worn out old tires and a motor that puts out 200 Hp. on a good day. But no probliem, it will still be enough to win the grudge race. Now all I need is an answer from the “other bone guy”.

Thats if hes man enough to step up, unless, of course, he has some computer problem and cant read this.